Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Our first calf is here!

I got a call from Stephanie Parrish (DVM) today. She has been keeping one of our Irish Dexter cows, Cherry Blossom, since last fall for us. She called to let me know that Blossom had given birth to a healthy bull calf today. He looks to be a little red boy! It will be a little while before I will be able to tell if he is polled or not. His sire is heterozygous polled but Blossom is genetically horned so he only has a %50 chance of being polled.

We hope to move the cows up to the farm next week. Once the calf has been nursing for a few weeks I will start training Blossom to the milking stand. She is normally a docile cow so I hope she excepts her roll as the family milk cow well. Although, she is quite protective of her calves which may be an obstacle to overcome first. I hope to go see him in the morning.

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