Saturday, June 12, 2010

New - to us- appliances!

Neil's parents are still slowly moving out of their home in South Carolina (they have been living in Virgina for over a year now).  His Dad just returned from a trip south and brought back with him the stove, washer and dryer from there.  Since they were going to be stored here in our hay trailer anyway we went ahead and swapped out the stove and washer from our kitchen to the ones from SC.

I am oh so happy with that as both our stove and washer were limping along and needed to be replaced soon.  The stove had a broken latch on the oven door that prevented it from opening most of the time and the electric burners were not responding well, the washer was being run by an extension cord across our kitchen and dining area floor as the outlet by the washer kept tripping the GFI outlet (even after we replaced it several times).  We ran a load of laundry tonight and it did just fine with the outlet so goodbye extension cord!

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