Tuesday, June 08, 2010

McKayla's School today included:

Count the Stars (here)
Trace and Write - Oval (here)
Number Match (here)
Count the Money (here)
Trace and Write - bear (here)
Color Name & Shape - Green Square (here)

I also put together a File Folder game that I found here.  I can make my own question cards so we can use it for whatever we happen to be working on.  The cards I made for it today are clock faces with hour and half hours on them.  I also made some single digit addition cards.  I will make more as time goes on.  McKayla LOVES to play games so this will help me feel a bit more "unschooly" during this current need of hers for structured school work.

Oh, I thought I should start recording the books that I am reading to the kids.  Last night I started A Pool of Fire by John Christopher.  It is the final book in the White Mountains Trilogy.  Neil owned these books from when he was a kid and fondly remembers reading them.  I had never read the books myself but had followed the animated story printed in Boys Life when I was younger.  I have enjoyed reading the series with the kids very much.

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