Saturday, January 16, 2010

Water water everywhere....

and ALL of it to drink!

It was a beautifully warm winter day here and Neil and his Dad took advantage of it and finished piping the water from the barn to the four new no-freeze faucets around the farm. One is behind the barn right next to the cow's 70 gallon water tub, another is next to the shed beside my new rabbit hutches, the third is by the garage/work shop and the fourth is out in the pasture so I don't have to lug the 50 gallon drum of water out to the water tubs anymore!

Neil finished up by filling in all the ditches he dug two weeks ago and covering them with crushed rock to help with the red clay mud that got moved to the surface.

I am doing the happy dance!!

Before dinner Neil took the trailer down to Rougemont, NC and picked up two round bales of hay for the cows and 36 square bales for the alpacas and goats. It was dark when he returned so we covered the trailer with a tarp for the night as it is supposed to rain.

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