Saturday, June 20, 2009

Quiet weekend.

It is so strange not having children in the house (the baby doesn't count here). It just seems empty without them.

Since Neil's dad was batching it while Neil's mom had the kids in Vermont we drove over to visit him and bring pizza for lunch. We picked up pizza in Clarksville, VA and as we were driving through town I noticed a farm stand with fresh peaches. I asked Neil to stop so I could get some... with the promise of peach cobbler for dessert!

So, pizza and peach cobbler. An odd combination but when the local peaches are ripe you don't miss a chance to savor them.

On another note, the goat's milk soap I made Thursday night still seamed soft to me last night so I let it cure for another 12 hours in the mold.

Then today I cut them into bars. They still have to cure for about 6 weeks before use.

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