Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More goat news.

I have been bottle feeding our two 6 week old twin doelings out of our doe Mary Jane for a week and a half now in anticipation for today. Today was the day they got picked up by their new owner, Ellie, an avid 4H'er. These will be Ellie's first goats and she is very excited about them. She named them Daisy and Gracie.

Evan with Daisy.
(Evan thought the straw made him look more like a farmer.)

Evan with Gracie.

Ellie had gone to 4H congress this past week and while there attended a class on alpacas and totally fell in love. I told her she could come and work with mine whenever she wanted to. I have several that need halter training still.

Meanwhile, I have fallen totally in love with the new little buckling I brought home yesterday. He is taking to the bottle pretty quickly. He is very social and will stick around to get petted and scratched... which I find amazing for a pasture raised kid. Mine don't even do that. I will keep him locked up in the dog kennel (while I am not with him) for a few more days for him to settle in. Then he will have to move out the buck barn with our adult buck Gottaway. I hope Gottaway enjoys the company and plays nice with him. I wish I could let him romp with the rest of the goats but young Nigerians can be fertile as young as 7 weeks old and I have several does I do not want to bred yet, one of which is my last spring doeling, Emily.

Oh, and drum roll please... we decided to name him Jeepster!

I ended up following his dam's line naming scheme. His granddam is Mercedes, his dam is VW and now he is Jeepster, a fitting name for a rough and tumble boy! Plus, Neil is a big Jeep fan and owns a Jeepster as a project car so it just seemed to fit.

Oh, and the kids, the human kind, come home tomorrow... yeah!

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