Sunday, April 05, 2009

This and That

I was happy to see this morning that all sixteen chicks survived the night out in the chicken coop. They were all piled up on each other when I opened the coop door and popped up at the sound.

I found another turkey egg on the floor of the coop and slide it under one of my broody Buff Orpington hens that is sitting on two other turkey eggs for me. So now she has three and seems quite happy with her post... pecking at my hand when I check for any chicken eggs under her.

One of our Muscovy ducks has laid her eggs in the hollow tree stump out by my raised beds. She is sitting on about twenty eggs. I also have two nests of duck eggs in the barn and one in the chicken coop. If they all hatch out I will have plenty of ducklings this season!

I managed to get my hands on our rabbit buck at feeding time today and removed him from the does. He has been with them for about three weeks now. I have been so busy that I haven't had the time to catch him before now. You see he is wise to my presence when he is with the girls and will stay out of reach in their pen. This morning though he made the mistake of eating with his back to me. A swift move on my part and I scooped him up and returned him to his adjoining pen. All went well until he jumped into his pen and ripped three holes in my shirt with his back feet. It was a nice t-shirt too!

This afternoon, Neil and I took the kid's out to lunch at a restaurant and then visited with friends (classmates of Neil's from HS) in Durham, NC. One of Neil's friends was here visiting from "up North" and it was great for Neil to see her and for me to meet her for the first time. We had a wonderful visit and the kids played while we had some adult time. What a relaxing afternoon!


Rabbit Hill Farm said...

Hi Diana,

Saw that you are out in Roxboro. We're in Rougemont just down the road. Your blog is lovely and so is your menagerie. I'd love to chat sometime as you have been farming a lot longer than I and I can always use the advice.


Jill's Necklaces said...

Relaxing and fun for me too! I really enjoy reading your blog. I need to get a starter going. I had one before and I let it lapse. I see on your to do list that you are going to try making homemade cheese. Have you read "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver. She has some helpful contact info about the cheese starter things that someone sells in Western MA.