Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bunnies for Easter?

This morning during chores I discovered that both of our American Chinchilla rabbit does were pulling fur. I have to admit I have been so busy that I haven't been counting the days since I put the buck in with the does. I thought I had another week before they were due to kindle.... I guess not! I put nesting boxes in both of their hutches and filled them with fresh straw. Both does immediately started gathering straw to nest build with. They both seemed agitated and would often stretch out and pant and then jump up to arrange the nest box some more.

As much as I would have liked to stick around to see how things progress I know that my presence only causes the does stress. I did all that I could do and planned to come back in a few hours.

After lunch I snuck back out to the barn. I discovered big fluffy wiggly piles of rabbit fur in both nest boxes. I pulled back the top layer of fur to confirm the presence of kits (and snapped the photo above). I replaced the fur and let them be for now. I find it is best not to handle the kits too much the first few days. I will wait 3-4 days before I pull them out of the nest box to count them.

I got a bit into the Easter mood by making Rice Crispie Eggs for the kids to decorate. I made the eggs up while the kids were outside playing.

When they came in all I had to do was melt some chocolate and pour the sprinkles into a bowl. A very quick and easy Easter treat... if they last until Easter that is!

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