Saturday, April 04, 2009

New chicks!

With the recent sale of 11 of my crossbreed laying hens along with the loss of two of my purebreed hens this winter to the cow's watering trough I am significantly down on laying hens. Our local Southern States feed store was selling chicks this weekend so I headed to town to pick up a "few" purebreed chicks to add to the flock.

I returned with 16 baby chicks! Four Rhode Island Reds, four Barred Rocks, and eight Americanas (I think). They are straight run... which means that they are unsexed. I am hoping for at least 50% of them to be hens but more would be better.

I got them settled into the brooder with a heat lamp, waterer and some chick starter. Baby chicks are so cute...

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