Monday, April 21, 2008

Time for turkey... eggs that is.

Well, with the mild success of hatching eggs in the incubator I decided to set some turkey eggs in it today. I had been collecting turkey eggs for over a week now (usually two a day) with the thought that I would incubate them since none of my four turkey hens seem to care at all about setting on them. I hope to have at least 50% hatch rate as I have several people on my turkey poult waiting list and several other people wanting to be on my Thanksgiving turkey list.

If it works I hope to set several more batches of turkey eggs this spring/summer as well.

We had farm visitors today that stopped by to see the alpacas. I always enjoy talking alpacas and showing off the farm.

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Jenny Smith said...

Hello, I enjoyed your website & like what you are trying to achieve. Our turkey hens are hopeless sitters too & I'm planning on buying an incubator. I wasn't sure how quickly eggs must be transferred into an incubator after they have been laid (assuming the hens is not sitting on them). From your website, I'm assuming there is no hurry? We are trying to do similar things having moved from England to Tasmania (Australia), built our own house & are running a small hobby farm.