Friday, April 11, 2008

The Call of Nature

Wasn't I surprised this morning when I went to feed the rabbits to find that our doe Chamomile was in with our buck Sasaparilla! A few months ago when Sas had figured out how to wiggle into Cams cage Neil reinforced the connections between the vertical and horizontal wire mesh sides. So, how could I now find both rabbits together?

I looked along all the seams and they all seemed tight still. After being puzzled for a few more minutes it finally dawned on me how she got over... The new kindling box that Neil built has a small horizontal platform on top (about 5x11 inches). Cam must have stood up on that platform and reached up to the top of the wire mesh, which is about 14 inches or so above the height of the platform and smushed and wiggled herself through the unreinforced ceiling junction into Sas's cage.

She must have REALLY wanted to get over there to be with the buck. Oh well, I was planning on putting them together soon anyway. Maybe she knows more then me!

*Note: we did not build these cages. They were here when we moved to the farm. We really want to build new rabbit hutches but that may not be a project for this year.

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