Monday, September 10, 2007

Going on a goose chase.

Neil got out of work a little early today and I was waiting for him when he got home. I needed him to help me catch our female goose, who I have named Gertie. I had noticed a few days ago that she had a bit of black plastic tubing(?) that had gotten lodged over the edge of her upper bill. It didn't seem to be bothering her too much and I have seen her eating and drinking fine but I wanted to get it off if I could.

So, Neil and I headed out into the pasture where the geese were grazing and walked them back up to the barn. The plan was to get them into the cow stall so I could get my hands on her. Everything went smoothly and I had her in my arms in no time. With me restaining Gertie, Neil easily pulled the offending bit of plastic off her bill.

Gertie didn't seem to appreciate our good deed very much and was quick to be free of me and get back to Gossie, our gander.

Photo taken of the geese yesterday. Gertie is in the back water trough and you can just make out the black plastic bit on her upper bill.

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