Monday, September 17, 2007

Doing the bunny hop.

Our two American Chinchilla rabbits are about 9 months old now. They have been ready to breed for a few months but I felt that it has been too darn hot here for that this summer. Now that the temps have dropped I figured it was time to let them have their fun! The hutches I have them in were here when we moved in. I believe they were actually built for poultry breeding not rabbits but they are working out ok. The doors into the hutches are small which means I can only reach in with one arm at a time and there are still areas of the hutch I can't reach. Luckily, the hutches have pass through doors in them from one to the other. I just opened up that door and let them mingle. Although this would be the first time for both of them it didn't take Sasaparilla long before he was interested in dancing with Parslane. I left them together for about an hour or so. If they managed to do things correctly Parslane should kindle her kits on October 18th. Only time will tell...

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