Monday, September 17, 2007

Berk strikes again!

Sigh... there is another chicken in the sick ward.

Earlier I was standing on the porch looking out over the pasture as the alpaca girls were grazing over on the shady end of the pasture. One of the girls, Celtie, went loping off to the barn to get some water. As she neared the barn, Berk, our male Anatolian Shepard, jumped at her and growled! Something that is very bad for him to do and that I have not seen him do before. It stopped Celtie in her tracks as she had not known Berk to act this way either. I quickly slid my boots on and went down to the barn.

What I found was my little Hill Roamer hen (yes the mate to the stuck chicken a few days ago) lying down near the barn with her backside all wet and feathers missing. Obviously Berk was playing with her earlier but when Celtie had come down to the barn I could clearly see Berk laying near the barn and he had not been chewing on anything. So, was Berk now protecting his snack from Celtie OR was he protecting the hurt chicken from Celtie? I may never know for sure at this point.

Anyway, I scooped up "Cookie", the name I have given the little hen, and gave her a quick once over before heading to the chicken coop with her. I could see right away that she had a good-sized wound on her back behind her right wing. The feathers were missing and there was a hole through the skin so I could see the breast meat clearly. Otherwise she looked alert just a bit scruffy. I put her in the brooder pen with some medicated water and food. I also treated her wound with a topical antibiotic. When I left her she lay right where I placed her.

We will have to see how she does over night. Meanwhile... what do to about Berk?


Diana said...

Hi!! I enjoyed your blog and so envy your life!! You have quite the managerie of animals. I know it's tons of work but your simple life dream is here! I checked all your archive posts and loved it all. I guess Black Diamond was never found?
When are you going to spin? ;)
Thanks for a great start of my day.

Diana said...

Hi Diana! Yes, we love our life here on the farm. It is often challenging but that is what makes life interesting doesn't it?
No, unfortunatly, Black Diamond was never found after her storm escape. I hate to think what might have happened to her. Very sad. But, we have Nefi and she has been wonderful too.
Thanks for stopping by!