Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This and That

We spent this past weekend at the Roxboro farm! Spending time there is so rejuvenating for Neil and I. Just being there, visualizing and talking about our goals for our future farm makes it easier to come back home to our hectic lives here in SC. Work and school is just something we both have to do for the next seven months to make our dream come true.

Neil finished up the railing of the deck. The deck looks so nice and big now. It even got compliments from our neighbors! I can just imagine us relaxing on this deck after a hard days work on the farm overlooking our beautiful alpacas and gardens. The other big job Neil got done was the mowing of the lawns to keep the house "lived in" for a few more weeks. Once we move there a large part of the current lawns will be converted to my raised bed garden and our small fruit orchard so it should not take so long to groom in the future. We brought two trailer loads of our things with us this trip. A large part of that was kitchen items that we can live without or was never unpacked in our current location. It was fun to unpack and find homes for it all in my new kitchen.

We had intended for this to be our final trip up to the farm this fall/winter. But, as the day went on we knew that we just had to return at least one more time before closing it up for the winter months. We are not sure when but we will be returning in the next 2-4 weeks.

Back at home I have been moving forward with our homesteading goals. We now have a second Irish Dexter cow! Cherry Blossom of LBI is a four year old RED cow that is due to calve in April from a polled red bull! She is currently in Ava, MO and will be transported here next month. Well, not to here, but to the farm of one of the vets that I work with about 25 miles from us. Blossom will stay there for the winter and calve in the spring. Our livestock family is growing!

Speaking of livestock... the turkey that Neil has named Claribell at the farm is still doing great! She is wandering onto the neighbors property to forage but they don't seem to mind. When going through the "stuff" in the barn that was left behind by the previous owners I found a bit of corn scratch. I spread it on the dirt floor of the barn in hopes that she will find it and supplement her insect/seed diet. Still worried about her over the winter.

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