Monday, October 02, 2006

How now brown cow.

I sent the check off for an Irish Dexter cow this week. She is a dun heifer from here in South Carolina. We got to name her which was really neat. Neil and I wanted an Irish name for her and settled on ST Riona Cailin. The "ST" part is the breeding farm code and had to be included at the beginning of her name. She is currently horned and I have asked the breeder if she could find a vet to dehorn her before she gets much older. Haven't heard back about that yet. She will be hanging out at the farm we purchased her from for the winter until we move to the farm in Roxboro, NC next spring.

ST Riona Cailin
Next spring.... only seven more months before we are free to move to our new farm. Neil and I get so excited when we talk about it! I am just overflowing with ideas and plans for the place.

We are planning a trip to the farm in a few weeks. Neil needs to finish building the topcap on the railing of the deck on the house. I hope to start getting the barn (this is a loose term we call what is currently a large equipment shed but will someday be our alpaca barn) cleaned out. Right now there is a lot of trash and bird droppings (chicken, turkey and duck) on the ground inside it from the previous owners. On one end is a chicken house and I hope to get that cleaned out as well.

We will have to see if Clarabell is still there too. Clarabell is a turkey that was left behind by the previous owners this past summer. She has been eating bugs every time we have gone to the farm but now that Fall is here and Winter is not far off I worry if she will make it through on her own. We hope so because we have become fond of her and would like to have her around the farm next year.

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