Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yesterday I made up two 1-gallon batches of soda. The first was a Cherry-Lemon and the second was a Lemon-Lime. By this morning the Cherry-Lemon bottles were already firm from the production of carbonation but I let them go all day and finally put them in the fridge at 10 pm tonight. There were bubbles visible in the bottles so they should be nice and fizzy in a few days.

The acid in the Lemon-Lime soda hinders the yeast from working as well so it can 6-8 days for the bottles to firm up.

My afternoon project was to work on the turkey pen. Our Narragansett Tom turkey that we got last fall had become quite violent over the winter so I had penned him up in our old goat buck pen that has a four foot fence around it. It kept him in all winter but around March he learned to fly over it. I put some six foot dog kennel panels along the front fence line where he paced and that was successful at keeping him in the pen until a few weeks ago when he began fly over the six foot panels as well.

So, today I added more kennel panels to form a 10x20 pen attached to the back of the old buck barn. I then stretched bird netting over the panels. We will see if that is successful in keeping him in. The sad part is the girls are now blocked out of the pen as well so will not be able to go in with him to breed (something they had been doing on their own). I need to decide if I am going to pen the two hens up with him all the time of just for short "visits".

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