Thursday, May 24, 2012

Normal Farm Day

Not much exciting happened on the farm today.
I did get one of the two twin buckling goats wethered this afternoon. The twin that is genetically horned. I will hold off on wethering his brother who is polled (genetically hornless) for another week to see if anyone wants him as a buck first.
I did have a frustration moment today after I rounded up one of the turkey hens and put her into the new turkey enclosure I put together yesterday. It wasn't five minutes later that she was by my side again in the poultry house. See apparently wasn't happy about being locked up with the Tom and ripped a hole in the bird netting covering the pen in order to get out. Now I have to fix the netting. Grumble.
It is Thursday, so around here, that means homemade pizza for dinner. But it is not the pizza that causes me to mention dinner but that the Cherry-Lemon soda was pulled out of the fridge for its first taste test.... it passed with flying colors! I love that it has three ingredients: 100% fruit juice, lemon juice and yeast. Definitely a do-again.

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