Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Postcards and Flat Baxter

Received lots of fun things in the mail today.  First we got two more postcards.  Both of them came from the same family in Arizona.  One card is full of great state facts and the other one is of Superstition Mountain.

The other thing we received was our first Flat Traveler that we will be hosting, Flat Baxter. 

Flat Travelers are similar to the Flat Stanley Project but they can be any image that the sending family wants it to be.  One creates a "flat" and sends it to a hosting family.  That hosting family then takes the flat everywhere they go and takes photos, collects souvenirs and writes a journal that will all be sent back to the original family after a set amount of time.  We have created two Flat Travelers of our own and mailed them out today to the two families that we will be hosting flats for.  Our flat images were chosen by the kids.  Evan chose the Star Wars Clone Trooper Cody and Mckayla colored an alpaca that we named Allie Paca.

So, Flat Baxter that arrived here today will be learning about things here on the farm and going on some day trips with us over the next few months.  In an attempt to not clutter this blog I will start a new blog for each of the Flat Travelers that we host.  You can check out Baxter's blog here.

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