Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pictures of our new does.

These are the two little doelings born last week. They are very playful and for the life of me I just couldn't get a good picture of them from the front or side. They were repeatedly jumping up on these particle boards and bouncing off into the air. Very cute...

These little girls are for sale. They can go anytime if you want to bottle feed or after they are 12 weeks old if you want to skip the bottle feeding experience.


Stephanie said...

Hi, your doelings are so sweet! I have a micro farm in the NC mtns with Nigerian Dwarf goats...this is how I found your blog! I'm adding you to my follow list. :)

Diana said...

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Why is it that all the unschooling/microfarming families live so far from us? Folks around here often act like we have two heads or something. :)

I will try to catch more of your blog when I can.