Sunday, February 08, 2009

It feels like Spring!

What a beautiful day today! The cold spell from last week is over finally. Our outdoor thermometer read 80F in the sun this afternoon!

Neil and his dad continued to work on the yard spring cleaning. Moving a lot of the items that got stacked in a hurry over the winter (like the wooden pallets) back under the old pig shelters. The farm yard is looking really great... can't wait for it to start turning green again.

I did snag Neil for a few minutes while I was down at the barn doing chores so that he could help me castrate our two little goats. It is not a difficult task just a two person one since it involves a wiggly goat. I have taken a deposit on these two boys and they should be headed off to their new home next month. Meanwhile, two of our Nigerian Dwarf does, Gabby and Pepper, are getting quite plump and I expect them to kid out the beginning of March as well.


Anonymous said...

You're not keeping those adorable little goats??? I could never be a farmer! ;-)

Diana said...

It is easier when you know that you will always have more cute baby goats to love! Right now we have three little ones. :)