Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ordered my birds today...

I can't believe that it is almost March already! It was getting close enough to our being full-time at the farm that I finally went on-line to the McMurray Hatchery site and placed an order for my chickens and turkeys!! I am so excited!! I had the delivery date scheduled for the week of May 28th which is just about three months from now.... that seems so long still.

Anyway, I ordered some laying hens for eggs, a package of heavy breed cockerals for meat and hopefully our starting flock for turkeys. Here is what I ordered:

CUCKOO MARANS Straight Run (6) - Chocolate colored eggs
BARRED ROCKS Females (5) - Brown eggs
NEW HAMPSHIRE REDS Females (5) - Brown eggs
BUFF ORPINGTONS Females (5) - Brown eggs
ARAUCANAS Females (5) - Green/Blue colored eggs
Free Rare Chick (1) - unknown sex and use

ALL HEAVIES Males (25)

Narragansett Turkey Straight Run (15)

That's all for now...

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