Sunday, September 20, 2009

New goats.

A local and fellow blogger, M., is going through a major life change that is moving her family to my home state of Maine. M. has three Nigerian Dwarf goats that she will not be able to take with her. She emailed me this week to see if I was interested in taking them in.

So, this morning Taylor and I drove the hour south to their home to meet up with her husband and pick up the goats. There was a mature buck, Milky Way, who is a chocolate with white...

And two six month old doelings, Miss Olive, who is a buckskin with blue eyes...

and Miss Cheddar, who is gold with white...

The little doelings are tiny. They are only about half the size of our doeling, Emily, that is only a month older. They are also smaller then our buckling Jeepster that is two months younger then them.

Miss Cheddar in front of Emily.

Cheddar had some diarrhea in the crate on the way home, most likely due to stress but I will be keeping my eye on her.

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