Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hanna has past

Well, we started getting the high winds and heavy rain from Hurricane Hanna yesterday afternoon. When the rain finally let up around 10am this morning we had received somewhere around 5 inches of rainfall.

I headed down to the barn as the rain was letting up to get morning chores done. I was curious how about the condition of the barn. It sets in a low spot on our property so a lot of the water gets funneled down to it when it rains. If it is a gentle rain it has time to flow around the barn but with the heavy rains of last night I expected the floor of the barn to be damp inside. I was not disappointed... about half of the floor was damp (no standing water, at least not by the time I got there).

All the animals looked like they made through unscathed. I did notice however that Eloise, our black alpaca, was out in the pasture while the rest of the girls were up in the barn. I could see that Eloise's cria was also out in the pasture and was running about. But something wasn't right. I walked out to the gate and realised that the little guy was on the OTHER SIDE of the pasture fence. He was actually in the adjoining alpaca pasture and desperate to get back to his mom. I immediately went out the other pasture and rounded him up. He was soaking wet to the skin and as I scooped him up to carry him all the way around the fence line I became soaking wet too. He didn't much like being carried but he was very happy to be reunited with his mom. He went right to nursing and I could see that Eloise's udder was fully engorged... they must have been separated for most of the night! I am still not sure how he managed to get himself over, under or through the fence and on the worst of nights too!

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