Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stuck alpaca.

Went out to do evening chores tonight a bit later then usual... it was already past dusk and darkness was quickly coming upon me.

When I went out to feed the alpacas in the far pastures I noticed our breeding male Novio cushed by the fence that separates him for the other males. He seemed comfortable so I called to him to come up to the shed to eat. After feeding the girls and the other males Novio still had not come up the the shed... which was unusual for him. It was now dark enough that I could no longer even see him along the fence line. I got everything else settled in the shed for the night and then the kids and I walked up the fence line to check on Novio.

He was still calmly cushed by the fence. As I approached him he did not get up so I knew something must be wrong. In the dark I ran my hand up his neck and quickly discovered what the matter was. Novio had woven his head and neck through the woven wire fence. He didn't struggle at all while I tried to figure things out. I didn't want to cut the fence (but would have if need be) to get him out. Novio let me scrunch down his ears and stretch the wire over his nose to get him loose from the fence. He was so good about it.

As soon as he was loose he run straight to the shed so all was fine. Evan ran up the shed as well to give Novio some dinner. But I figured he was more thirsty then anything else.

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