Monday, December 31, 2007

We had a hay day today!

I spent some time on the phone the past few days trying to locate hay for both the alpacas and the cows. The alpacas need about 100 bales of a good quality orchard grass hay and the cows need about twice that but not anything quite so nice (or expensive) so I was working on finding sources for both of them.

Luckily, I found some good quality orchard/timothy grass right here in Roxboro. They only had 10 bales available but would ask another past buyer if she wanted to sell 50 of her bales as well. So, today we went over to pick up our 10 bales. They were a nice young family with two kids almost the ages of Evan and McKayla. They also had a trio of Nigerian Dwarf goats and one of their does looked very much like our chocolate doe Peppermint. We had a nice but short visit there.

We ran some errands in town then took our bales of hay and groceries home before headed out to our next stop. Yesterday we had stopped in at a local farm about 5 miles from us that had a barn full of round bales of hay. I had asked if they were selling any of their hay and was told yes they sure were. The round bales were mostly fescue and about 1000+ lbs each. We asked for three at $40 a piece. It should feed the cows and donkeys for at least a month I hope. As it was raining still yesterday we arraigned to come back today to pick them up. All three round bales actually fit onto our trailer and we made the short ride home. It was dark by the time we pulled into the driveway so we left the bales on the trailer overnight.

I will also note here (so I can remember when I did it) that I wormed Cherry Blossom and Riona , our Dexter cows today.

The chickens gave us 15 eggs today.

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