Monday, November 05, 2007

Daily Musings

During chores this morning I moved the hay feeder Neil built yesterday into the cow/donkey/goat pasture by the barn. I threw in about a half a bale of hay and everyone went crazy. Our Dexter cow Cherry Blossom (who has lost a big chunk of weight this Fall already due to the drought and nursing her calf) was her typical Boss cow self and tried to chase everyone else away from the feeder so she could have it all to herself. Hopefully after a few days of hay she will calm down and let everyone else eat in peace too.

Then this morning a got a call from a gentleman asking if we still had any of the commercial chicken nest boxes I had listed for sale in the NC AgReview in September. In fact I didn't sell a single one from that ad so I still have them all sitting down by the shed. I took some photos and e-mailed them to him. He ended up stopping by this afternoon to pick up the only single unit we had. He is just getting his first chickens and stayed to visit a bit and look at our setup with the birds and ask questions. He seemed like a nice guy and I hope the chickens work out well for him.

I did a bit of cleaning up around the yard, moved a pile of fence posts that has been hanging around since our spring fencing effort. I also finally got around to hanging up the two signs that say "WORKING LIVESTOCK GAURDIAN DOG: PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB". I put one up by the barn and the other on the fence beside the driveway for visitors to see.

Finally, late this afternoon I got a call from a neighbor up the road that we have yet to meet. They must have gotten our phone number off of our farm sign that we just installed yesterday. They said they had an osterich cross the road in front of their house and wanted to see if it was ours. I told them that we had a lot of critters here but large flightless birds were not one of them. :) I least I know that people are seeing the farm sign!

There were four eggs today.

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