Thursday, October 18, 2007

No new bunnies today.

Today is the day that Purslane, our American Chinchilla Rabbit doe, was due to kindle. I have had my doubts that she was actually pregnant this past week since she hasn’t swollen in size at all and she hasn’t shown any nesting behaviors. So, I am afraid we may not get rabbit kits today.

Our buck, Sassparilla, did get in with her for an unknown amount of time about 4-5 days after I put them together for breeding. I will wait a few more days before I put them together again to see if their second meeting was more successful.

This will be Purslane’s first strike. Three strikes and she will no longer be considered part of the breeding program here. Strikes can be given for several reasons such as slipped pregnancies, very low birth numbers (1-3), poor mothering, etc.

The kids and I are all suffering with head colds today. Running noses, coughs, soar thoughts, lethargic. I think we will veg-out on the bed in my room and watch TV and try to stay hydrated all day.

We got one egg today.

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