Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year Greetings from the Farm!

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know I am two days late but we have been up at the new farm for about a week and JUST TODAY we got our Internet connection setup finally! It was kind of sad in a way, getting connected to the world again as I always felt so wonderfully isolated in our own little world here at the farm. But, on the other hand I am terribly addicted to being online and researching every little thing so it is nice to be online again too!

While here at the farm we have a few projects we want to get done. The first of the two major ones being insulating the attic and under the house and the second being installing the wooden playset we purchased for the kids. We are well on our way on both projects.... Neil has worked hard on getting power to the attic so he could have lights up there to work by. Neil has also been putting our new tractor to work moving soil from the back of the property to level out the area we have ear tagged for the playset. Today he got some railroad ties to shear up the down side of the play area, leveled the soil and topped the whole area with 5 yards our playground mulch. We are all set to tackle the playset assembly tomorrow!

Two days of assembly and this is what we ended up with... the kids love it!

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